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SIGCSE TS 2025 - Affiliated Events

Affiliated Events (including formerly separate “Pre-Symposium Events”) are a venue for SIGCSE sub-communities or groups to arrange a time and place to gather and present or discuss topics of interest. This sometimes happens within the context of a meal or reception during the conference. We encourage submissions for events focusing on existing and emerging subfields, areas and groups of diversity, and bringing together communities of practice. We especially encourage events that help to develop new faculty and leaders in computing education.

The SIGCSE TS 2025 organizers encourage submission of proposals, which must include a description of the event, its importance and relevance to the Symposium and SIGCSE community, the proposed organizing committee (if applicable), and the proposed format for the event. The SIGCSE TS 2025 organizers will assign an appropriate room. Affiliated Event organizers are expected to arrange for and cover the cost of the room, room setup/breakdown, food, and/or A/V. Organizers are also responsible for handling all Affiliated Event websites, submissions, decisions, notifications, and publications.

Proposals for Affiliated Events to the Technical Symposium undergo review, the process for which is not anonymous. Affiliated Events are selected on a rolling basis. Acceptance criteria is based on availability of space meeting the event requirements and relevance of the event to the SIGCSE community.

If an Affiliated Event is accepted, the Affiliated Event organizers invite members of the sub-community to participate in the event, possibly through a Call for Participation inviting members to submit papers, posters, or applications for participation. Event organizers are responsible for handling all organization of their events, including registration, websites, the review process if the event solicits contributions, and participant organization. Affiliated Event organizers will work with the SIGCSE TS 2025 Affiliated Events co-chairs for coordinating contact information (e.g. contacts for room setup/breakdown; catering; A/V) . The SIGCSE TS will include the title, organization, abstract, and date/time for the Affiliated Event and presenters in the overall schedule on the Symposium website.

All attendees at accepted affiliated events must also be registered for SIGCSE TS 2025. This is the responsibility of the affiliated event organizers and attendance at SIGCSE TS 2025 should be included in promotional materials for affiliated events.

How Should the Proposal Be Submitted?

Proposal requests and the full PDF proposal should be submitted via the Affiliated Events Proposal form. This form includes a required set of questions that must be included for approval of the event.

How Should The Proposal Be Formatted?

The full proposal contains an abstract and a body that describes the event (as detailed below). The full proposal is used for the review process only. If the proposal is accepted, the abstract is the description that appears on the Symposium website and in the program. The format for the proposal is as follows.

  • Title: A title for the Affiliated Event. The title will appear on the symposium website.
  • Abstract: A description of the event. The abstract is the description of the event that will appear on the Symposium website. The abstract for an accepted proposal is encouraged to contain a URL for a web page with more information. (Abstracts of accepted events can be edited in response to feedback.)
  • Proposer(s): Include name, affiliation, email address, and website address. You should expect most correspondence related to the conference to arrive via email.
  • Event URL: List the anticipated URL for your event website here. Please include the requirement that attendees for your event must register for SIGCSE TS 2025 on your website and all requests for participation.
  • Significance and Relevance of the Event Topic/Purpose: Please include information about any trends in relation to the subfield and possibly describe (or cite) evidence to that effect. Your objective here is to explain why the event or community served is significant.
  • Intended Audience: Briefly describe the nature and size of the intended/expected audience. This information will help gauge the level of interest the SIGCSE Technical Symposium attendees will have in the Event.
  • Attendance: Give an estimate of the total number of participants you expect at your event.
  • Billing address: address/ city/ state/ zip code/ country Required by the ACM
  • Name & email address for invoice: Required by the ACM
  • Expertise of Organizer(s): Give a summary of the qualifications of the organizer(s) as it relates to the event being proposed.
  • Rough Agenda for the Event: Timing details would be helpful here. Explain what the attendees can expect. Be sure to budget a realistic amount of time for questions from attendees.
  • Event Time Preference: You have the choice between:
    • Wednesday (day or evening);
    • Breakfast (on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday as scheduled by the Affiliated Events Chairs);
    • Reception (Friday);
    • Other time ideas (note that events conflicting with significant Symposium program activities will be rejected)
  • Virtual or In-Person: Please indicate if your event will be virtual or in-person in Pittsburgh. The modality cannot be changed once your event has been accepted. We cannot support hybrid affiliated events due to the technology, production, and platform costs. Organizers of virtual events are responsible for making their own technical arrangements for the event such as ensuring that they have the necessary software to host it.
  • For In-Person Events:
    • Audio/Visual and Room Setup Requirements: Please enter these to help find the right room/space for your event. As stated above, you will be responsible for ensuring the room is set up for your needs. However, knowing your requirements may enable the Symposium organizers to schedule your event in space that will reduce your costs.
    • Proposers of hands-on events should indicate which of the following formats they wish for their event:
      • Laptop Required. Participants should bring a laptop computer to participate in this event.
      • Laptop Optional. It is not necessary for participants to bring laptops to this event.

The logistics information for Affiliated Events is detailed below. Once the event is accepted the Affiliated Events Chairs will contact organizers for further details about logistics including invoicing.


For in-person events, the charge is per room for the event. The charge covers the room and minimal A/V for the room.

  • Full Day: $1250
  • Half Day: $625
  • Reception (0-2 hours): $625

Room setup/breakdown and A/V for the room will be coordinated by the event organizers directly with the venue.

For virtual events, the charge is minimal and needed to contribute to the cost of the website content management system.

  • Virtual Event: TBD

Room Setup/Layout

Rooms will have a default setup. Any requested changes to the layout may incur fees. Any change fees are the responsibility of the event organizers.

Audio/Visual Setup

Any additional A/V costs beyond the default setup will be the responsibility of the event organizers and must be coordinated directly with the venue.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage will be managed and coordinated (e.g., ordered and paid for) by the event organizers directly with the venue.


Registration will be handled by the event organizers and will not be handled by the SIGCSE Technical Symposium registration system.